How May I Help You?

How may I help you?

I offer a variety of editing services: manuscript evaluation, ghostwriting, content and line editing, copy editing, and proofreading. I also offer formatting, book (interior) design, transcription, and digital conversion of your handwritten manuscript. Or I can serve as your project manager or a publishing consultant to guide you through all the steps and take care of the details from beginning to end.

Because there are different levels of editing, I need to see at least 100 pages of your manuscript. I will randomly select up to 750 words, prepare a sample edit, and recommend the level of editing needed. When I send you the sample, I’ll also send a proposal.

If the proposal exceeds your budget but you like what you see in the sample and you want to work with me, we can discuss options for either a lighter edit or a long-term working relationship to make your book the best it can be.

For manuscripts, I charge based on the level of editing needed (line editing, copy editing, or proof editing). I like to see at least 100 pages of your manuscript, if not the whole thing. From there I extract around 600 words for a sample edit. From the sample, I’ll prepare a proposal with a recommendation of the type of editing needed and an estimate of the number of hours required to do the work.

Use the table below to get an idea of how to budget for your project. To get an accurate page count, divide your word count by 250 (the industry standard for words on a double-spaced page with 1-inch margins). Your manuscript in Word might be 225 pages and 88,000 words, but based on the industry standard, 88,000 words is more like 350 pages.

As your editing partner, I will work with you to make your words and your story clear, concise, correct, consistent, and compelling.

As your publishing partner, I will make sure your POD or ebook looks professional.

Sample Edit by Julie Klein

I am often booked out several weeks. If you would like to reserve a place on my schedule, please contact me to discuss your project and your editing needs. After a sample edit, I will prepare a proposal. A booking fee of $100 will hold your place for the next available opening and will be applied against the project rate. All but $25 is refundable.

The rates shown below are consistent with the rates of EFA (Editorial Freelancers Association).

These rates are based on the industry standard of 250 words/page.

Proofreading 9-13 ms pages/hour $36 per hour
Proofreading and review of print-on-demand
layout prior to publication
$36/per hour
Editorial proofreading or light copy editing 5-10 ms pages/hour $40 per hour
Medium copy editing 2-6 ms pages/hour $40 per hour
Content or line editing 1-4 ms pages/hour $45 per hour
Ghostwriting 1-3 ms pages/hour $45 per hour
Manuscript evaluation $500 for manuscripts of 40,000-60,000 words
$750 for manuscripts of 60,000-100,000 words
$900 for manuscripts of 100,000-140,000 words
Formatting and book design $40 per hour
Transcribing, typing, digital conversion to Word,
or other administrative assistance
$32 per hour