Services and Rates

Services and Rates

I am in the process of scheduling projects for 2019. If you are a new client and would like to reserve a place in my schedule, please contact me to discuss your project and what your editing needs are. A small deposit will hold your place for the next available opening.

My services range from proofreading, to copyediting (light, medium, or heavy), to line editing, to substantive editing, to manuscript evaluation. I also offer formatting, book (interior) design, and transcription.

A standard manuscript page is double-spaced, Courier or Times Roman font, 250 words per page. What you see in your Word document probably contains more like 300-320 words. To get a better idea of what editing your project might cost, use the per-word rate shown in the table below.

Consider also that what you might call a light copy edit might be different than what I call a light copy edit. That’s why I prefer to work on a per-project basis. (If you’re not sure what type of editing you need, click here.) I will take a look at your manuscript and provide a sample edit of up to 1,000 words. From the sample edit, I’ll offer a proposal. If the proposal exceeds your budget but you like what you see in the sample and you want to work with me, we can discuss options for either a lighter edit or a longer term relationship to make your book the best it can be.

Proofreading (very light)8-12 ms pages/hour$40 per hour (about $0.015/word)
Editorial proofreading5-10 ms pages/hour$45 per hour (about $0.02/word)
Light copy editing5-10 ms pages/hour$45 per hour (about
Medium copy editing2-6 ms pages/hour$45 per hour (about $0.03/word)
Line or substantive (content) editing1-4 ms pages/hour$45 per hour (about $0.04/word)
Developmental editing$50 per hour
Manuscript evaluation$50 per hour
Formatting and book design$45 per hour
Transcribing, typing, or other digital conversion to WordVaries$36 per hour
(about $2.50-$4.00/audio minute)